Wood Pipe Cube

€14.90 *

Hand pipe made from wood, comes with a cubic combustion...

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Pure Pipe Chrome

€9.90 *

Metal hand pipe with chrome finish, length: 8cm.

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Wood Pipe Pattern

€24.90 *

Hand pipe made from wood, comes with a round combustion...

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Rosenholzpfeife Carved

€6.90 *

Hand pipe made from tulipwood, milled patterns on...

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T-Pipe Titanpipe

€69.00 *

The T-Pipe is a titanium precision pipe, which gets...

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Woodpipe with lid

€21.90 *

This woodpipe is made out of colourfully laminated wood....

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Screen Prince - Green

€14.90 *

This pipe that doesn`t need a screen and doesn`t clog.

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Pure Pipe `Ice Herb and Oil`

€89.90 *

Pure glass pipe in a suitcase, Height: 360 mm, Diameter:...

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Glass pipe `Hemp Leaf`

€4.50 *

Glass pipe `Hemp Leaf`, Length: 95 mm

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Glass Pipe `Vaporizer`

€12.90 *

Glass pipe `Vaporizer` blue and red glass, length: 150...

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Glass pipe `Sherlock`

€39.90 *

Glass pipe `Sherlock` glass with kick hole, Length: 140 mm

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Glass purepipe red L250 in the Suitcase

€23.90 *

Purepipe made from glass, red color, length 250 in a box.

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