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Arizer Extreme-Q & V-Tower Power Supply

€29.90 *

Original Power Wall- Adapter for the Arizer Extreme Q...

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Arizer Extreme Q remote control

€14.90 *

Replacement remote control unit. Only for the Arizer...

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Arizer Extreme Q/ V-Tower Glass Mini Whip

€14.90 *

Arizer Extreme Q / V-Tower all-glass mini whip (10.16 cm...

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Arizer Extreme Q/ V-Tower potpourri dish

€12.90 *

Arizer Extreme Q / V-Tower potpourri bowl for the...

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Arizer Extreme Q glass heater cover

€22.00 *

A replacement heater cover assembly kit with...

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Arizer whip mouthpiece

€6.90 *

Glass mouthpiece for a 3` whip or interchangeable...

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Volcano Solid Valve housing

€14.90 *

Spare housing part for the Solid Valve. Please be aware...

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Sublimator Subcage

€49.90 *

Safety cage for Sublimator Atomizers.

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Sublimator Stainless Steel Screen Set

€2.50 *

Screen set (2x) for the Sublimator Atomizer.

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VapirRise inflation balloon

€4.90 *

The VapirRise balloon is not one you can physically...

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VapirRise HEPA air filter

€2.90 *

The medical grade HEPA air filter is an essential part...

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VapirRise silicone tube 40`

€9.90 *

A spare 40` (102 cm) medical grade silicone tube for the...

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