DynaVap VapCap NonaVonG-XLS light wood

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The VapCap is a small, very discreet vaporizer by the company DynaVap and is unique when it comes to design and functionality. It works completely without electricity, but instead is heated with a lighter or a torch and produces big clouds of vapor. The heating element is at one end of the VapCap and is lit until you hear a clicking noise, which is the sign for it to be ready. Once the Cap is heated, you can start inhaling the vapor until you hear another clicking noise, which is the sign for reheating it. The DynaVap VapCap NonaVonG XLS are the company`s newest extension of its product line and is made with high-quality wood, which has many benefits. First, the Wood doesn`t heat up as fast as titanium or steel, which makes using the VapCap even more fun, and second, the middle piece has the diameters of 14 mm which is big enough for use in waterpipes. You can just insert the VapCap NonaVonG XLS into the Bong or water pipe after it was heated and inhale the vapor through the water. The vapor will be much cooler and tastier when it is consumed like this, which is another benefit for all fans of the original VapCap. The DynaVap VapCap NonaVonG XLS are available in 2 colors: dark or light wood, and are handmade in the USA.


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