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Bio Hazard Ölbong Recycler

€54.90 *

Recycler Dab Rig von Bio Hazard. Made from borosilicate...

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Dab rig/bong Bio Hazard Mini Dome

€59.90 *

Dab rig by Bio Hazard with a shower perculator. Made...

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Oilbong Bio Hazard Double Honeycomb

€49.90 *

Dab Rig by Bio Hazard with honey comb perculator. Made...

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Grinder Cleaner Spray

€6.90 *

Cleaning solution that helps cleaning grinders and other...

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Ehle Oil Pipe Clear

€18.90 *

EHLE Oil pipe, clear glass. Ø 27mm, length 135mm,...

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Oil Bong Recycler Oil Bong red/yellow/blue

Instead of:€139.00 * €89.00 *

The `Recycler` is another `Blaze Glass` revolution in...

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